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With offices in Windsor, Canada and Munich, Germany, Marlowe Global Business Solutions offers impactful consulting services, backed by decades of direct industry experience. At the core of our process is the concept of Kaizen. Marlowe GBS follows the principle that big results don’t always come from big changes. Sometimes, continuous, steady improvement delivers lasting success. And sometimes, more immediate steps are needed to get a company back on track. Find out how Marlowe GBS can help you stay ahead in today’s dynamic global economy.

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Global Services

  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Organizational Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Restructuring / HR Services
  • International Business Support
  • Program and Launch Management

As competition increases and new markets open up, TQM is critical to retaining clients and attracting new business. Marlowe GBS works with your team to devise and implement a strategy for delivering client-focused, process-driven results.


From the shop floor to upper management, Marlowe GBS will work with your teams to get everyone on point and moving in the same direction. We can also review employee skill sets to develop a total productive maintenance model. Through individual consultation or group sessions, trainee programs, personnel development and shop floor management improvement all contribute to a TQM solution.


With your employees onboard, Marlowe GBS can also help increase operational performance at the process level. Lean manufacturing, specifically Six Sigma initiatives, and a solid footprint strategy can streamline your business which directly contributes to the bottom line. We’ll work with you to incorporate the latest in process improvements, allowing your company to compete on the world stage.

Marlowe GBS understands that companies need to develop and evolve. We help you anticipate where you want to be and implement programs to get you there.

Employee Support

Utilizing proven management coaching techniques, Marlowe GBS works with C-level teams to improve leadership capability and support them in guiding the company to a top market position. On a broader scale, incentive programs and training systems are ways we help improve performance across all disciplines and levels of the business.

Organizational Support

Analyzing the corporate structure and process can lead to valuable insight in determining methods for improving systems on an institutional level. Reviewing cross-border structure and process organization as well as performing company-wide audits provides invaluable information for determining the next steps in your business evolution.

Just as important as managing your current supply chain is taking advantage of opportunities to improve it. Marlowe GBS looks at the whole picture to analyze your supply structure and find ways to make it work for you. We also review your place in the supply chain to ensure your company is positioned to grow.

Supplier Support

Marlowe GBS will help you expand your market share as a supplier or manufacturer through a series of audits and quick checks. We consider all facets of the chain, including inventory reduction and logistics, to provide clear solutions to this complex issue.

Supplier Sourcing

Having a system in place to manage the supply chain is important, but without suppliers it loses purpose. Marlowe GBS is skilled at finding companies you’ll want to do business with. Our extensive network and market knowledge provides valuable insight in to solving your supply chain needs. Insourcing, outsourcing or cost-efficient country sourcing, Marlowe GBS will get you connected.

Restructuring for any reason can be a large endeavour, but it’s also a great opportunity for growth and a fresh perspective. Marlowe GBS knows what it takes to implement change and make it work for the better.

HR Solutions

Having first-hand experience in recruitment and personnel restructuring ensures Marlowe GBS will understand your needs and determine a solution that works for your company. Our resources extend throughout North America, Europe and Asia to find the top candidates you need to succeed. We’ll help you determine your personnel objectives and then fill the positions from executive level to plant staffing.

Organizational Restructuring

Restructuring at the company level is a complex issue and requires detailed analysis of the entire business. Marlowe GBS provides holistic restructuring concepts to ensure all aspects of the situation are considered, including industrialization leading to greater efficiencies. We help you grow by realising outside opportunities as well through mergers and acquisitions support and portfolio expansion with additional OEMs and Tier1 & 2s.

Marlowe GBS will provide operational support at all levels to ensure your company is positioned for a strong market share in the global economy. Through detailed analysis and careful planning, we work with you to develop short and long term goals to actualize success.

Internal Support

Guiding your company through financial oversight and the development of Key Performance Indicators, Marlowe GBS can help increase market share while eliminating inefficiencies. Our independent business reviews and decision-making analyses provide critical information for liquidity and business planning. In some cases, companies have engaged Marlowe GBS to enact solutions directly through interim management support.

External Factors

Often thought of as factors beyond your control, Marlowe GBS can develop a plan to deal with these situations and get things back on track. One of the first steps is our in-depth competitive analysis, providing insight to help create a strategy for success. In those cases where problems are mounting with no end in sight, our crisis management team will help determine a course of action to put you back in control.

Having managed product development, from concept to launch, the team at Marlowe GBS knows how to get the job done. We bring this experience to your projects, ensuring your products are deployed timely and tested.

Program Management

Marlowe GBS conducts technical capability studies to determine ways to increase efficiencies and achieve project completion goals. Our design validation process helps eliminate waste, in terms of production and cost, by ensuring readiness to move in to the launch phase. In the end, our team can develop a plan for technical performance improvement.

Launch Management

After all the research, all the investment it’s time to launch your latest offering. Let Marlowe GBS ensure success through our industry-proven analysis. We’ll perform launch readiness studies and direct support to eliminate uncertainty and smoothly bring the product to market.

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Marlowe GBS has provided solutions to a wide range of leading companies from various industries. Below are just a few that have taken advantage of our experience and expertise.

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